Shwet is naturally healthy milk. It arrives at your doorstep within hours of milking, at its freshest best.

From nutritious feed to hygienic milking, from maintenance of the cold supply chain at 4ºC to packaging–the entire process is mechanised, in accordance with the best dairy practices. Milk from Holstein cows is instantly chilled and packaged in pouches.Once the milk is transferred into pouches, the pouches find their way to your doorstep.

Moreover, it is easy to digest and is an excellent source of calcium, minerals, vitamins and iron. Best of all it is low on calories. This makes Shwet, a perfect accompaniment for every meal.

  • Cow milk contains protein, higher percentage of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, iron etc.
  • Immunity boosting Vitamins C, Vitamin A, D, C, B1, B2& E.

Cow milk has less fat content compared to other 'milks', which help in reducing cholesterol and maintaining healthier cardio-vascular function. It is rich in vitamin C and contains more calcium as well. Cow's milk is a rich source of calcium, potassium, riboflavin, protein and other essential nutrients. Cow's milk is fortified with vitamin D, and vitamin A for low-fat/non-fat types. Many of the non-dairy 'milks' are sweetened and may have more calories.

Shwet is not expensive; it is just "pure". Shwet is everything that milk should be.

  • Holstein/Hybrid cows are milked at our Shwet Dairy Farm, which is Jaipur's first automated swing over milking parlour. German technology is used while milking the cows. The milking process is completely mechanised, and in conformity with international dairy standards
  • Shwet is untouched by human hands from the milking till the packaging. Hence, it is the purest cow milk you have ever come across.
  • It is non-adulterated.
  • The cows are given a planned wholesome meal every day.
  • We assure you of 0% contamination and 100% purity.
  • Also, we deliver it fresh from our farm to your doorstep, without any charge.

This degree of dairy perfection does cost money, but considering all that goes into its making, it is worth every penny!

It is slightly pale in color. Don't worry, this is very natural.

Yes, Proper refrigeration is the most important factor in preserving the freshness of milk. Shwet should be boiled immediately after delivery to preserve the highest quality and taste and then it should be refrigerated.

No, cow milk is thinner and less viscous than milk of buffalo, sheep, goat, yak etc.

Yes, cow milk has been used and enjoyed in – Tea, Coffee, Flavored milk, Fermented milk, pasteurized milk, Kulfi, Cheese, Paneer, Mawa, Gulabjamun, Barfi, Rasgulla, Peda and milk powder.

The fresh milk has a shelf life of 1day, if the cold chain is maintained (from the date of packaging).

Cow milk is very versatile and works well with tea, coffee, milkshakes, hot chocolate, baking, ice creams, Indian sweets like kheer, gulabjamuns, halwa etc. Basically it can replace other 'milks' in any preparation.

As much as you wish! There is no limit on how much you can consume.

Shwet Dairy Farm has a fully integrated and advanced milk production facility. It is Jaipur's first automated swing over milking parlour. To ensure freshness and quality of the product, the processing facility is housed within the Shwet dairy farm. Latest technology, infrastructure and utmost care of the cows have not only met the most rigorous quality standards but also these have made the every drop of cow milk ever so precious. Please visit the farm to watch the onsite production.

About placing orders

There are "NO" delivery charges (*Conditions Apply).

You'll get your order within one hour (*Conditions Apply).

Yes, we don't mind in accepting cash on delivery. But we request you to buy tokens instead of making payment daily.

Shwet is presently available in standard 1L pack. However for bulk or customized orders, please contact us on +91 9602443333.

Yes we can offer only one trial pack to our prospective customers.

Yes we would be happy to refund the amount in case you do not receive the order you have placed and paid for.

We are really sorry but it will be difficult for us to accept returns. We sincerely hope you will give SHWET a chance and enjoy its benefits!

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