our Story

Mr. Vikas Joshi
A visionary and an expert entrepreneur with excellent business acumen, Mr. Vikas Joshi has been in real estate business for more than 20 yrs. now. His decision making capabilities has helped in devising corporate strategies and directing the organization towards a well planned future.Besides portraying his capabilities as a great Builder & Developer at Wish Empire,he decided to venture into the setting up of “Jaipur’s first automated swing over milking parlour” in order to deliver “100%Pure & Hygienic Cow Milk - Shwet”. His motto is to expand Shwet’s presence.This 39-year-old polo player is riding high!

Mr. Vikas Joshi

Dr.Maanvir Singh Thakur
Doctor by profession, an explorer by heart and an avid horseman, Dr. Maanvir Singh Thakur is one of the masterminds behind Shwet Dairy. His love for animals and his rich experience of Dairy and Farm Management makes him a key player in setting up Shwet Dairy.He wants to introduce Jaipurites to the “taste and quality” of 100% pure and hygienic cow milk hence he ventured into this along with Mr. Vikas Joshi.. At Shwet Dairy, Maanvir has been responsible for running the entire show from production point of view to ensure excellence in quality.

Dr. Maanvir Singh Thakur

An idea was germinated & research began to make Jaipur healthier and happy place by sharing the secret of 100% Pure Cow milk.

The two member team threw itself completely into the project. Everyone went above and beyond and showed extraordinary collaboration.

and then SHWET was BORN !


Our Shwet Dairy Farm

Shwet Dairy, an ISO22000 certified organization, is a leading producer, manufacturer and distributor of Cow milk products. We pride ourselves in being recognized as the first automated swing over milking parlour with the international milking machines in Rajasthan.

We're bringing the real taste of pure Cow milk to Jaipur with our widely-acknowledged Farm-fresh cow milk to tickle your taste buds!


The Richness of Shwet !

Shwet Dairy- First Automated Swing Over Milking Parlour in Jaipur. This well designed facility not only meets the most rigorous quality standards but makes every drop of cow's milk ever so precious.

Shwet,Cow Milk is everyone's best friend because everyone can drink it and benefit from its great powers.

Shwet meets the expectations of the consumers, who are increasingly looking for fresh, pure and hygienic milk.

Shwet's characteristics make it a unique and unmatched brand on the market. We hope that consumers will have as much fun having shwet as we had launching it for them.


Our Pivotal Elements!


We LOVE our cows. We keep them happy and free. Hence they produce rich & tasty milk which is fit and just right for our consumers.


The technology plays a vital role in milking the cows. It has made us pioneers in using automated swing over milking parlour in Jaipur.


We take care of the HYGIENE, The milk is never touched by human hands during the entire process of milking and delivery.


We In-house fodder is cultivated for our very dear cows !


SHWET milk is protected from all forms of human, cattle or environmental contamination.


The safety of our cows is our priority. We do have a provision for sick cows.


No additives or preservatives are ever added to SHWET milk. The good milk is as mother nature intended it to be. The good milk is also antibiotic free and hormone free.


We keep our surroundings very clean and green. We see ourselves as the custodians of the environment.

our Promise

We commit to provide the product that is of highest quality
and made responsibly because we won't have it any other way !
It's our promise to our people and to the environment.

our Vision

Our vision is to provide the best in class, 100% pure and hygienic cow milk at an affordable price.

We have been certified !


LICENCE No. -12215026002006

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